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Come and join us, we normally get together every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at the Queens Hotel but check our Facebook page as plans can change.

Download Songbooks

Turn up the Music!

The Ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to play and least expensive to buy. If you’ve played a guitar before then it is like an easier version and if you haven’t then there are easy to follow chord diagrams that will soon have you strumming away. Many Ukuleles are symmetrical so they can be strung for left handed, as well as right handed, use.

Song Scroller

The song scroller lets you play songs that scroll up the screen so you don’t have to have the words and chords small enough to all fit on the screen, tricky while you’re playing your uke. You can change the format so you can see chord diagrams or just the letters above the words. Click on the underlined heading above to open a new window containing the songs menu. You can even add your own songs if you request a username and password using the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Song Sheet Library

We have a growing library of song sheets in PDF format. These can be read use Adobe Reader which is already present on most computers or is freely available (Click here for details).

Some of the songs have been created from the song scroller (above) ‘Copy’ option. Other have been hand written or copied from publically available sources. Some are single songs so the title is the name of the song. Others are compilations of many songs.